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I’ve noticed a real lack of variety in readily available, off the shelf plant pots. So little out there is pulling on my heart strings enough for me to want to spend my money on them. There is a lot of trend driven cheap stuff about (cheaply made and cheaply thought) that just doesn’t have the right feel about it. They somehow look cold, alien and disconnected from the plants that I want them to house. They just don’t have the right feel. 

So I’ve been making do and reusing what I have. Making the most of odds and ends till I find the right pots. I am prepared to wait, save and invest in plant pots that I can reuse and grow old with. Till then, these Diptyque votives are adding an interesting look to my spike-some trio:

Diptyque’s candle votives are not the most impressive of the luxury French candle ranges (Cire Trudon and Astier de Villatte could battle for that crown) but my anti-throwayism ways make me determined to repurpose and reuse as much as I can. And so, I kept these with the intention of lighting late evening balcony dinners. I think they serve as cacti holders much better than they would a tea light. I didn’t even bother cleaning the soot off them. In fact, I think the soot makes them.

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