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The forecast claims that it will be a rainy day where we are headed today. Screw the forecast, the rain, and the heft of disenchantment they add to our thoughts. We are headed to the sea and not even thunder clouds can dampen my excitement or mar my

Every Londoner and big city dweller needs a good old dose of vitamin sea as often as circumstances will allow and it is about time we all had a good shot of sea air.

We will be back with an SD card laden with photos and notebooks crowded with thoughts and memories to share. Until then, here are some of our most memorable British seaside adventures. We hope they inspire you to plan a coastal escape soon too!

Weybourne in 2011. Take in the timeless coastline here

Brighton in 2012. See the blog post HERE

Whitstable 2015 check out our adventure here.

I feel as though there is something about the British seaside that is close to the soul of the country itself. Something that I can’t quite articulate yet, it just fascinates me and keeps me wanting to see more and more.