| What I Wore | Wooliest Time of Year

Hiro bought a pair of wool trousers from 2 X H Brothers in the January sales. They turned out to be a tad small for him and he was very disappointed about that. But they fit me comfortably well so, instead of returning them, he let me keep them. I am delighted with them. They are made of wool and are lined throughout and they are the warmest trousers I have ever worn. When I wear them, my legs feel like they are walking in a different season to the rest of my body.

I’ve always liked wearing mens clothes.  I think menswear is one of the most constant elements of my evolving sense of personal style. 

P.S. I must tell you about this curious section of East London we accidentally walked into soon. Rows and rows of neat looking red brick faced houses and of course, one stunner of a tower block. 

| Details |

Trousers from 2 X H Brothers
Fine knit Merino jumper from GAP 
Adidas Superstar trainers bought in 2008