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It amuses me how often we are led by our bellies both on adventure and in everyday life. And it was while thinking with our bellies that we decided that there was only 1 place we wanted to get our dinner from during our stay HERE. TSUKIJI! (Another good reason for staying in Shinbashi).

Is there a more famous fish market in the world I wonder?

We got here too late to snoop around the big money business end of the market which was fine with us as we had the baby with us and besides we had dinner on our minds. The arteries of side streets that sprawl out of the main market area are clustered with little restaurants, food stalls and traders with their doors open to serve the market workers from the crack of dawn late into the evening. Of course they will happily serve hungry passers-by too.

It was very quiet when we visited. Perhaps because it was a weekday. We saw no obvious tourists that night. Instead we were engrossed with so many things to see in the fading light.







We found a place served by a very vocal old lady and a diligent young sushi master and we got the freshest of the freshest sushi to take back to our room to enjoy with that immense view. Unforgettable.

Even today, months after our trip, I can still remember every moment of that day so vividly. Walking around the market as darkness fell around us was an unlikely magical experience. I think it was something to do with the dull hum and glare of the florescent lights, the sounds of the workers still vigorously slogging away, the calls of the restauranteurs attempting to tempt passersby into their establishments, some shops closed up for the day, others just opening and at the edge of it all, a shrine gleams out of the shadows. It’s left enduring memories with us.

If you are visiting Tokyo this year. Head towards Tsukiji, it’s about to be relocated and this feeling, these sights, will soon pass into memory.

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