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Do you ever read through your old notebooks? I do especially the ones where I have kept travel tales in. It can be therapeutic to relive them through the pages of my sun stained books. They can inspire all sorts of memories to float out and cheer up a gloomy day. Of course it is vital to be present in the now and appreciate what is before us, but there is artistry in entwining memories into our paths. It all adds up to a more thoughtful appreciative lifestyle I think.

I recently corresponded with a friend who visited Kinugawa Onsen. Three things immediately sprung to my mind. The looming abandoned hotels, the strange atmosphere and colossal demons. Funny enough, she didn’t notice any of that.

So, in an attempt to remember things other than the abandonment,  I fell into my notebooks and remembered that we found ourselves on a rickety ropeway heading up ‘monkey mountain’.











I loathe to see monkeys in cages. It hurts me to do so, therefore we spent our time up Maruyama  wandering around to the parts no one else seemed interested in. I recall the constant hum of bees in the sunshine by the Gokoku Shrine that guards the foot of the mountain. It was such a warm spring day, the sweet sickly scent of decaying flowers swayed in the breeze. We had missed the sakura display in Kinugawa which was a bit of a pity as the path leading up to the shrine is said to be quite a sight to behold when flanked with the ethereal blooms.

It ended up being really enjoyable before we headed back down and were met with yet more abandoned sights.

How curious it is that two people can have entirely opposite memories of the very same place.

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