| Photo Diary | River Bus

Pick a day. Any day, though a sunny day would be better. Top-up your trusty Oystercard, get yourself on the river bus (not to be confused with one of those tourist cruise boat thingies) and head out as far out as possible and then go back again.This kind of aimless meandering is good for you, and it is by far the most relaxing way to traverse London. 

Take the slow route down her major artery and as much as you think you already know the city, she will still chuck a few revelations your way. I know that we’ve mentally bookmarked a fair few destinations to explore when the time (and weather) is right.

We hopped onto the river bus from Canary Wharf and headed out beyond the Thames Barrier to Woolwich. We’d never seen the Thames barrier before and it was interesting to get close to the sentinels that keep London safe from flooding. 

P.S. There is a bar on board!

| For the curious |

Thames Clipper website has all the info you will need, timetables, route maps and prices