| Life + Plants | Don’t Rush

I bought a fern recently. An asparagus fern (protasparagus setaceus) to be exact. Stringent plant crazy folks will tell me it’s not a real fern. That it is more accurately part of the lily family but sod them. It’s a fern to me.

After I bought it home, it sprouted a disproportionately long branch. I was about to trim it off till I noticed tiny little buds forming on its tip. I’m glad I left it awkward though it looks, as I’ve enjoyed watching it unfurl into lacey featherlike fronds in just 1 week.

While watching my ferny friend grow, Its occurred to me that my life right now seems mainly about watching and helping things grow. It’s a curious pursuit. Mainly because I cannot observe growth as it happens and so often refer to the past to see the progress in the now. My son is 9 months old now, and during our time together he’s taught me many new things and honed abilities I didn’t even know I had. Patience is one example that stands out. Here I am, a former multi-multi-tasker. A  rush to get everything and more done, endless list making, list ticking kind of girl enjoying and learning how to take things 
S L O W.

I feel as though I’m going against the grain of the crowd and I like it. I more than like it. I am savouring it while it lasts. I am learning to appreciate the right here and the right now and the beauty of watching, caring, enduring and gently guiding over life as it grows. Multi-tasking, I still do that. But I am more able to focus on what is before me wholeheartedly and completely without mentally straying to what is next on my list. Somehow it’s made me appreciate the process, the journey, the learning and enjoy the result so much more than before. 

I think, maybe, my new found patience and nurturing nature is behind this penchant of plants that I have developed. 

We mustn’t try to rush things that need time to grow. Some how, these slow moments are also some of the most important I may have in life. 

P.S. Our home is slowly turning into a Jungle. Wickid, wicked…………………. I N C R E D I B L E.