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Our Christmas gifts to each other last year were mostly playful. We indulged in things we could use throughout the year to add laughter, curiosity and mischief to our family life.

I bought us the decorative Light Box. It is designed by A Little Lovely Company who make an assortment of quirky stuff for kids and playful big folk too. Our little Light Box has become more than just a decorative light, and we’ve had lots of fun sliding in the plastic letters and symbols to create little messages (and the occasional unsuspecting visitor too). It’s quite impossible not to smile at the happy notes that shine at us each evening.

The Light Box has so many possibilities! A generous set of 85 letters and symbols is included in the box and you can buy additional sets to keep the fun going. 

It’s such a nice way to leave a message and brighten up a cold dark evening. It will come in handy on special occasions and I’m sure you will see it again on this blog again too. If you are looking for a gift for someone with kids, this is an ace pressie. And it’s only £18.00.

| Info |

  • There is an A5 and A4 box. Ours is the A5 version with 2 rows and it measures 20 x 15 x 4,5 cm 
  • Made of black PVC surrounding 
  • Battery operated (6 x 1,5V AA) or via mains using a 9V DC500 mA adaptor neither of which are included in the box. 
  • Designed by A Little Lovely Company in Netherlands.
  • Made in China 
  • Available from This Modern Life