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I brought out our little imperial happy couple out of the box they’ve been resting in this week. They seem content sitting on their designated shelf watching and waiting for the 3rd of March. 

I also swapped our shoal of fish for this beautiful handmade mobile Hiro’s grandmother sent us last year. I thought the colours and the fans compliment the dolls and together they both hint at Spring. The mobile is handmade with bamboo and handmade and hand printed paper by a paper specialist that has been trading since 1864.

Little things move, appear and disappear in our home throughout the year. It’s just our little nod to the shifting of the seasons. 

Seasonality is at the heart of Japanese culture and we want to encourage our boy to appreciate this as he grows. An easy way to do this away from Japan, is to mark the many events and customs throughout the year.

Appreciating our place in the movement of the seasons and the transience of life is important to us.  

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