| Abandoned | Limbo

We are coming across more and more abandoned buildings on our walks the days. The everyday sort of buildings that are easy to ignore despite their smashed up windows and obvious signs of neglect. We imagine these places are pending demolition to clear the way for developers. Interestingly, most of these buildings are relatively new but  because they lack architectural interest and are too young to have enough of a historical background, they languish in a state of limbo while someone, somewhere waits to give the bulldozers the green light.

We were on our way to nose around a housing estate that has been staring at for a while, when we came across this especially mundane office block. Its state of abandonment actually made it more interesting to our eyes. As Londoners, we are so accustomed to having CCTV cameras shoved into our faces and seeing every empty building boarded up so securely that it was odd to see this place left so open on a main thoroughfare.