| Streets | More Numbers

Back again with more numbers that have caught my eye. 

Our street side observations may seem like the edge of folly to many, but our habit has become a good way to make the mundane more of a visual adventure. It brings a new perspective to tired sights. Try it! Pick something on the streets that catches your eye and stick to the theme. Look for more examples of  whatever it was that caught your eye and eventually you realise how much you overlook in our rushed lives. 

You don’t have to stop to smell the proverbial roses. Just take a step slower in your pace. Let’s stop glorifying being busy. Life is short and what we have of it needs to be appreciated. Every tiny tremendous detail of it.  

P.S. If you do embark on my little challenge, please let us know. We’d love to add you to the blog if you let us.

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