| Stationery | Kikusui Stories

Kikusui Story Tape masking tapes are just beautiful and I am so pleased that I have this happy trio in my ever growing collection of decorative masking tapes. Kikusui is a Taiwanese company that specialise in manufacturing industrial packing adhesive tapes . Though they were established in 1949, they only began venturing into more creative sticky tape realms in 2012 when they introduced their Story Tape range to the market. 

I have to admit that these are some of the most beautiful tapes that I own. They are of a gorgeous quality and are a pleasure to use in my journaling and deco projects. They are lovely to work with. They are easy to tear, handle and reposition. Each generous 15 metre roll is printed on exceptional quality Japanese paper using soy ink (MT Tape contains 10 metres and Masté 7 metres). The designs are really interesting and detailed and feel almost as though they have been hand illustrated.

If you ever come across them, buy them! If you are on the look out for new decorative masking tapes, these are worth getting. I doubt any tape junkie would be disappointed.

You can find these on Etsy via the Taiwan based LightLife shop. If you are looking for a UK seller, you can find them on Lovely Desk