| Stationery | Diary 2016

I was really looking forward to buying my diary for 2016 in Japan. I had heard that some of the big retailers there have up to 1000 different diaries in stock to choose from and that sounded positively dreamy to me. 

Then I got to Japan and quick marched myself to the closest stationery shop. Yes, I was met with hundreds of diaries in row upon neat row just waiting for my consideration. Yes, it was everything I hoped for and more. Too much more! So much more that I bought the same diary that I had bought for the past 2 years. 

I must admit that I was at first slightly miffed to be back in UK with yet ANOTHER Midori Travelers Notebook Diary. 

Then when I unwrapped the familiar 2 part diary, and saw the leaflet that modestly celebrates the 10th Travelers Notebook Diary enclosed, I couldn’t help but smile a satisfied smile. There is something deeply appealing about the group of uniform diaries pictured there. Distorted by age and adventure and packed with stories, they are beautiful in my eyes. 

Along with the diary in weekly horizontal format, I also bought some notebooks and a handy file to store them all when completed. All of which were very reasonably priced for the quality, (the diary was about £10, the notebooks were about £2.20 each). 

“We’d rather write our thoughts and ideas in a notebook, than type them on our pda or iPhone. Because we like our own handwriting, to encircle words for that extra emphasis and draw little doodles for all that we can’t verbalise.” Travelers Notebook