| Sewing | Daruma Socks

I’ve been watching the little man finally able to crawl around the flat, eager to get into everything he shouldn’t and I cannot help but smile at his little feet looking so cosy in a pair of socks that I customised for him using my enthusiastically haphazard sashiko-like stitches. 

This set is a darling concept by Japanese thread makers Daruma Thread. Within the box is all you need to create a customised pair of toasty baby socks. Within the box there is a pair of blank super soft and stretchy terry lined jersey socks, an easy to thread embroidery needle and 2 balls of colourful and rather splendid thread.  

What you end up with is a pair of socks with a lot more heart and imagination than the mass marketed stuff. Something that we’d keep long after our boy has outgrown them. Something that will make us smile in years to come.

Daruma Thread caught my eye because I am crazy fond of Daruma  (these little guys) so it is no wonder why the logo jumped right out at me! Since then I have really familiarised myself with their goods and I have to seat that is a company that’s really struck a chord with us.  I could whittle on at length about all the reasons why I like them, but for today I shall keep it short and will instead leave you with their own words….

…”For more than a hundred years, Daurma Thread has sewn together the feelings people have for someone special, and joined together people’s love for the simple things in life’. 

We completely get it Daruma Thread. We really do!