| Photo Diary | The Night in the Sky

Last year, we found ourselves dishing out travel tips to readers visiting Japan like never before. It was a real pleasure to be asked for advice and it was a real pleasure to share what we know. The best and most rewarding part of it all was seeing everyone’s Instagram accounts fill with wonderful shots of Tokyo.

Looking at photos of where people stayed, did make me realise that there is a part of Tokyo that I had not experienced, and sorely wanted to. Staying in a central hotel with a bird’s-eye view of the city would be fantastic! Tokyo is Hiro’s hometown and, now my second home so naturally, each time we return, we’ve gratefully had accommodation waiting for us. A hotel is never something we’ve really thought about before. Oh, but to have a sky high panoramic view in private comfort. That would be special indeed!

Then, Hiro (with some help from his father) made it happen for us.







“House of Cards” nightshirt from Yawn


Three of us made our way to Shiodome one afternoon. Our hotel, the Park Hotel Tokyo, takes up the upper quarters of the Shiodome Media Tower so we knew our room would be at the very least 26 floors up. We ended up on the 32nd floor, with a view that left us breathless upon entering the room. Once we picked our jaws off the floor, we relished every moment spent in our home for the night. We even slept with the curtains open so we could watch the sun fall away beyond the endless concrete horizon and then rise anew the next day. From where we were, bullet trains resembled squiggly white caterpillars, people were the tiniest of ants and cars mere beetles. Aviation warning lights blinked tirelessly by night, their angry red glow reminded us of the army of enraged Ohmu in Ghibli’s Nausicaa.

Hiro picked the perfect location for us. From here, plenty of adventures lay waiting for the three of us.

It is a curious feeling to stay in a hotel for leisure in your own hometown, just 40 minutes from home. Have you ever done this?

|Traveller Notes| 

Shidome is a great place to locate yourself in central Tokyo if being in super touristy Shinjuku is not your vibe. It’s basically the
Liverpool Street of Tokyo in that it is largely a business area but really close to places like Tsukiji, Ginza and Tokyo Bay. It has good connections to the rest of the capital