| Photo Diary | Feeling Ordinary

Japan is a country that poses an endless procession of sights for a visitor or vicarious onlooker to marvel at. Away from the travellers and tourists, is the evermore hushed everyday life and that I enjoy falling into (as much as I can) as much as possible. I like observing life in Japan from this perspective.







It’s while traipsing through these lulled streets that I learn a lot about the less clichéd Japan. There is a palpable stillness cushioning the residential areas of suburban Tokyo that I’ve wondered through. There is also an honest harmony here. The sort that comes from a mutual respect and consideration for each other. Things can be left unlocked, unhidden. Placidity is maintained and cleanliness carefully regarded.

Imagine taking a broom from your cupboard and then going out to sweep your street, or even the path in your local park. Sounds quite crazy doesn’t it? But in Japan it is perfectly normal. Everyone seems so willing to do their bit. Not sure what it is like where you live but it’s unimaginable where we are in London.