| Thoughts | More of the Same

The end of the year is a time for reflection and blogging has not snuck past without some thorough thinking.

The blogging landscape is one that shifts in a perpetual state of flux. More and more bloggers jump on the bandwagon and more and more grow silent and leave blogging behind. Some bloggers want attention and others seek respect. Thinking about it now, we’ve never minded about getting either of these things. 

We’ve always just blogged from a purely selfish perspective. 
We collect stories and leave them here in no particular order for other curious souls to find. 
In many ways we are like a broken little secret garden, a place people stop for a little while and wonder. Some will scratch their heads at our eclectic collection of blossoms and leave never to return. 
Others stay a while and even leave us little messages that in time grow into precious and rare friendships.

This coming year like all other years before, we will walk our own path wanting nothing but to continue to blog from the heart about the things that interest us at the time. We don’t pander to PR companies or brands and the few that we do work with are just as comfortable and passionate about what they do as we are so there is no bullshit involved. We won’t watch our followers lists, and we will remain disconnected from blog stats. We have long accepted that we are not the kind of blog to have legions of followers and we take comfort in the fact that ‘followers’ are not the kind of people that we are ever on a level with. But we are ever grateful for those that stick with us. These folks are usually the big of heart, curious of mind and vibrant of soul. The questioners, the wonderers,  unafraid of being themselves no matter what the world says……..Thank you for supporting us in 2015 and see you next year for more of the same. 

Till then, we wish you a year of beautiful moments. May 2016 be a great year for us all!