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Sunday was a day of lists. The days leading up to christmas are demanding and there is a plethora of things to do. I cannot keep up with it all and need help from a pen, notebook and a few morsels of chocolate.

Limited Edition ‘Snowblind” notebook by Field Notes + 4 colour ballpoint pen by Hightide + Matcha chocolate from Rozsavolgyi Csokolade

I wish I could remember what these flowers are called. I did ask the lady at the florist and she said something that sounded an awful lot like ‘ridiculous’. It was busy so I didn’t ask her to rewind and come again.

As for the chocolate, have you ever seen such a beautiful bar? Rozsavolgyi are a husband and wife team based in Budapest and they make outstanding chocolate of highest quality in taste and desirable to the eyes. Moulded in resemblance of traditional Hungarian fireplace tiles, each bar is singularly hand wrapped and beautifully presented. The Matcha bar is a delight to look at while I devour it pretty piece by pretty piece. 

+ You can get the Snowblind Field Notes notebooks HERE
The Hightide pen is from a Japanese company but actually made in Italy. I got mine from HERE
The chocolate can be found HERE