| Life | Wind Down

Christmas has come and gone in whirlwind fashion for us. So much anticipation (being our boy’s first and all that), and then it is over so quickly, I can still taste our traditional Christmas day BBQ!

As we begin to wind down, my thoughts gather around me. I like the relative quiet that Christmas brings to the streets of London. Laughter and warmth effervesces like glowing bubbles from light filled homes. Yet in the midst of all our joy, a touch of melancholy punctuates merry making as our hearts catch sight of an empty chair at the dining table or a whisper of a voice that used to sing along with our own. We keep the memories of those we miss with us and they have a way of rising to the surface at this time of year.

This year we revelled in the contagious smiles of our newest family member as he marvelled at so many new sights, sounds and smells and positively glowed in all the attention. 

To mark the occasion, we asked our guests to bring one christmas ornament for our tree. Everyone did us proud and bought something that touched their hearts in someway. Hiro’s brother made his contribution and that was really impressive to me.