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How dumb was I being when I proclaimed that I won’t blog kiddy stuff!?  I suppose back then I (naively) had no idea how the little dude was going to completely hijack my life. Now, it feels plain weird if he didn’t have his two pennies worth on here too. 

Today I want to talk about BLACK being a super colour for babies despite people telling me that it is morbid. 

T-shirt from Nippaz With Attitude + Cloud Blanket from Farg Form + Flash Cards from Wee Gallery 

I wear a lot of black. Hiro wears even more. So our baby will wear some too. Black baby clothes are practical and whoever it was that thought white was better and made everyone make white vests for baby that we all buy by default wants a good talking too. Seriously, my washing machine and I don’t like you very much!

My love of black for baby has gone further than his little wardrobe. When a friend gifted us with these B+W art cards, we noticed quite quickly that the high contrast images really caught his flighty attention span promoting moments of real fascination. Since then things in black and white are a natural and sensible choice with us for him coz….MAMA AIN’T RAISIN’ NO FOOL! 

+ We bought the cloud blanket from THIS SHOP and it sits very well under THIS MOBILE that we currently have above his cot.