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We are always ready to stop and play with shadows in our home. Some shadows come to play with us. Sometimes we have to make our own, like with this charming ornament from Danish design stable Georg Jensen.

“Like stardust sprinkled from the northern lights of a December sky, fairytales come to life when the days grow short and that magical time of the year draws near”. 

As a beam of light collides with the pirouetting decoration,  the magic is unveiled and silhouettes awaken and begin to cavort across our walls and ceiling in an endless performance of light and shadow.

There are other renditions of December Tales HERE. Ones like ours are for sale for about £10 each (less in the sales). Not cheap, but when I think of all the enjoyment we have got just from watching this over the past few days as well as knowing that we will keep it for years to come,  I think it is worth every penny. 

Part of the December Tales, this ornament was dreamed into reality in 2013 by the Danish design studio All The Way To Paris for Georg Jensen
Size: 140mm x 140mm
Made of: Stainless steel
Design in: Denmark
Made in: PRC
UK retailers: Skandium