When the wind begins to wear its teeth and sends shivers to bite at our skin, hot soup is a balm for nippy goose flesh. Vegetable soup is our current favourite. Chunky, seasonal, simple, quick to make, a great way to clear out the fridge and curiously never the same twice. Our recipe is Hiro’s mums and it oozes warmth.

The best way to serve soup in our home is in one of our cork cloaked bowls. They feel good in the hands. They fit just right and have a comforting weight. The insulating cork makes these bowls cosy by nature to hold and stops the bowls scratching our fussier surfaces.

Amorim Soul Mate Cereal Bowl + Sori Yanagi 18/8 Stainless Steel Spoon 

Cork is removable for washing.

The Portuguese Conspiracy 

We bought these from a little place close to where we used to live called, The Portuguese Conspiracy. I remember the day so clearly because of the way shadows emerged when light spilled into the shop.

The bowls are part of Amorim’s ‘Soul Mate’ collection designed by Raquel Castro. Based in Portugal, Amorim are established world leaders in the production of cork components for the construction, aeronautical and wine industries, only recently have they turned their know-how to everyday items.

We love good quality cork, humble though it may be in appearance. It is a super nifty natural material with a shed-full of benefits. It is reusable, completely biodegradable and environmentally friendly. And that’s not all! In the home it is heat resistant, has fab insulating properties and easy to clean and take care of.

Take a look at Amorim’s website HERE
Available to buy from UK from The Portuguese Conspiracy and Homearama