The original London Bridge was quite different to what we know and see (and often confuse with Tower Bridge) today. Before it was demolished in 1831, London Bridge stretched over the Thames with all manner of buildings spiking over its back. At one stage there were over 200 of them, some of which stood 7 stories up, some overhanging the bridge or the road making it more of a darkened tunnel than a bridge. Conditions for those crossing the bridge became ever more congested and so the bridge was demolished after a new London Bridge was built. 

Remnants of the old London Bridge still lurk around London today. Take the 2 pedestrian alcoves that stand watch at the east edge of London’s Victoria Park for instance. 

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There were once 14 of these along the bridge poised to shelter pedestrians from the rain. Today these two old guys curiously each have their views obscured by a large tree. Nevertheless, I fancy that they still manage to watch the comings and goings in the park. They have undoubtedly seen it all before,  but I’d like to think that they enjoy their view across the park towards the tower blocks of Bow, and once in a while when the mood takes them, they still pass comment between them on what they make of the people of today.