| LINKS | 2

I like buildings that are coated in plant life! I would like to see more plant domination, especially in our large cities. I spotted this in Tokyo last time I was there.

Other things that I have spotted more recently include: 

/ FLOW MAGAZINE / A Dutch magazine that celebrates creativity, unhurried ways, imperfection and life’s little pleasures. I am DETERMINED to get hold of one of their weekly editions soon!

/ LIFESTATIONERY / One of my favourite notebook makers in Japan has recently joined Instagram. All LIFE Japanese notebooks are made by hand by specialist craftsmen. The wonderful thing is that LIFE notebooks are not considered niche items in Japan and are readily available and common in countless households. See my previous blog about it HERE

/ JOEY LONDON / When I see another blogger visit a place that I know and love, it makes me shiver with happiness. That is how I felt when I saw these pics of Joey London’s trip to Jozi.

/ BUCKETS AND SPADES BLOG / Catch me on Mat’s awesome blog chitter chatting about why I like to stare at walls. Join in our mission!