Precious is the time we spend with family. 

I remember watching on as Hiro’s grandmother unexpectedly begun to play cat’s cradle and proceeded to rope other members of the family into the game. All the while she chuckled with unfeigned glee. 

It occurred to me then that I was watching the hands of three generations ducking and diving and weaving the soft rope into all manner of shapes between their fingers. 

I was deeply touched by the moment and right then, nothing else mattered more than the precious sight before me. 

As I savoured the moment, my eyes came to rest on his grandmother’s pots. I wondered how long she’d had them. Her generation don’t throw things away as easily as we do. I wonder how many of her children and her grandchildren she’s nourished with the magic she’s created within them. Wash after wash and they still have a gentle gleam to them. A satisfied glow.

As I write this post we are preparing to take our son to Japan. I cannot wait to take him to meet his great-grandparents. I cannot wait to soak my soul in the sight of 4 generations basking in the glow of each others smiles.