| What I Wore | Yawn All Day

Life’s done a topsy-turvy on me and instead of fawning over finely tailored garments to go out and about in, I find myself more willing to splash the cash on well made sleepy gear. Who’dathunkit?!

Well why the hell not! I don’t get nearly enough sleep these days (the little man is teething) so, I make up for it by maxing out the slumberous thoughts. Yawning, thinking about sleep, wishing for sleep and when the weather is particularly uncooperative, I spend most of my day in my night clothes trying inspire the little man to get into napping. Guess what? He’d rather play. 

It is no wonder that YAWN caught my drowsy attention. Their very name sung happy lullabies to my heart and I decided it was fate, I had to have one of their nightshirts and the ‘House of Cards’ pattern called my name.

The pleasure of YAWNing begun as soon as the carefully packed and beautifully presented box arrived. Layers of loveliness and thoughts of relaxation later, I took time to just sit and look at my new nightshirt. I then progressed to congratulating myself on making the decision to buy it. The nightshirt is well made. As a maker myself I know a nice bit of sewing when I see it and really appreciate the french seams throughout, the extra button for extra cold nights, I love the 2 huge pockets at the front (pockets are my extra hands these days) and I love the sewing tape detail emblazoned with their inspirational mantra of “Phone off. Kettle on. Pyjama time”. The praise continues with the loose comfy fit and the well considered use of buttery soft and gorgeously smooth cotton sateen. I love my nightshirt, I hate it when it has to go into the wash. It is a joy to wear and mooch about in, so much so, that I am now saving up for pyjamas. 

If you are on the hunt for top-notch and pretty as a picture nightwear then skip over to YAWN and have a gander won’t you?

YAWN says; 

 Everything we do at Yawn is designed by our team in London with love, laughter and care – from bespoke cotton to unique, hand-illustrated prints to joyful details, like concealed messages in hemlines and hidden illustrations.  

P.S. If you sign up to their newsletter, you get a handy 10% off and UK orders over £50 get free next day delivery. Can’t ask for more really.