We like good story telling ability here at the house of Worshipblues. To us, a good story comes from the soul and also holds within it light, shadow and visual artistry.  All these elements shine through with effortless style in PERMANENT magazine which is why a copy has spent days on our table top.

つくる、たべる、かんがえる” “Make, eat, think”

This is a beautifully produced, carefully considered and composed publication. The sort of magazine that feels good to own and that you would hesitate to drop into the recycling bin. PERMANENT magazine is about food. Making food. Eating food. Thinking about food. Through interviews and sensitive photography, dining culture is explored alongside stories of the everyday people involved in food and drink production. Thought provoking and revealing at the same time.

Table Details: PERMANENT Magazine + Noguchi Coffee Table + Pana Chocolate Raw Chocolate + Unimug by Kinto + Rug from IKEA

The magazine and website are both in Japanese but this won’t prevent the visual enjoyment of either. The brains behind the magazine have also produced a series of supplementary short videos that are engaging and visually delicious/curious to take in. I have included one below, the others can be found HERE:

PERMANENT no.1 Lunch Time (Toho village) ver. from PERMANENT on Vimeo.