Regular run-of-the-mill-pilfered-from-the-office-stationery-stockroom Post-it notes look decidedly tedious when compared to these flora inspired sticky notes.

Designed by the Korean company Appree who have enough of these whimsical notes to open a strange sort of florist. 

Since moving we no longer have a fridge set up that allows us to stick stuff against its door with magnets. Make-do notice board gone, these certainly cheer up my everyday. They find themselves used as bookmarks and page markers. They hold notes and reminders and find themselves on walls, doors, windows and even cereal boxes. They stick well and do not leave any mucky residue when taken off.

I like Appree’s idea of  ‘learning from nature’, their products are refreshingly gentle on the eye and catch attention in a more peaceful way than a glaring florescent square that has become so commonplace it is strangely disregardable. And, I must admit to smiling when I open a book to find petals within the pages. 

If you are in the UK, you can buy these from The Journal Shop

Here is a link to Appree’s website if I have piqued your interest.