| Stationery | Flair

These are a real household favourite and in our home they are used for designing, writing, dreaming, listing, wishing, scribbling, scrawling, signing, drawing, pattern making and more. The trusty & fab Paper Mate Flair is the one pen that Hiro and I BOTH use daily.

A true classic felt tip pen, the Paper Mate Flair was designed in 1966 and though it has been renamed a few times (Flair, Tempo, Nylon and then Flair again), the outward apprarance remains pretty much the same. 

We have been using the black medium nib pen for years. You know how it goes when you really like something and settle into it so completely that you don’t really look to see if there is something new? Well thats how we were with the black version of this pen and that is why we have only recently discovered that they come in so many other colours!! I spotted a set of these in Rymans recently for half the normal price and judging by the look the sales assistant gave me, I may have let out a little shriek. 

I will just give a quick run down of our thoughts about the Paper Mate Flair. Great value, comfortable to write and draw with. They are water-based so dry quickly. We’ve experienced minimal feathering and the bleed through on our favourite notebooks (Moleskine, Rhodia, Midori, Monokaki) could be worse.  They are at their best when brand new as with most felt tips the nibs do stark to give and soften after a while after which they are not so great for finer detailed work.

If we were to throw a suggestion Paper Mate’s way, then I would request a permanent ink version of of the black pen. That would be great for writing on envelopes that have to bear the brunt of British weather.