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Each and every time that I come across a patch of clover, I think of Hiro’s great grandmother. A woman who had an astonishing array of talents at her disposal one of which, was the ability to single out a four-leafed-clover at a whim. A pursuit that I am ever determined to  yet quite  hopeless at yet. A pursuit that I feel that I am far better at the seeking out of interesting gems on the internet.

I don’t share as many links as I would like to on here. I aim to correct this spot of tardiness right away! 

/ TOC TOC TOC / Is a French magazine that follows the tradition of Paumes and showcases spaces of creative people around the world. Toc Toc Toc has a Tumblr full of inspiring photos. Love it very muchly I do.

/ Neji_Maki_Dori / Japanese Instagram account full of intriguing abandoned places. They have a blog too HERE! Check it out and allow yourself to be awestruck.

/ IAPLC / Check out this years winner of the International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest. I promise you it is far more interesting than it admittedly sounds. Quite mesmerising actually!

/ Bearded Bakery / Yes he bakes well and all but it is his photo diary of his adventures in Mull that took my breath away. If like me you dont have a clue where Mull is, it is just off Scotland’s west coast.

That should keep you busy for a little bit this weekend. Have a good one folks and we’ll see you again on t’other side.