I was given a bottle of chocolate milk and my mind brought up an image of ‘Strike’ from the Spike Lee Joint, Clockers. Aside from being a drug dealer, his addiction to chocolate milk ended up being mighty bad for his health. With that on my mind, I admired the presentation of the bottle, put it in the fridge and forgot about it. 

Then came the day when I craved it, downed it and didn’t want to part with the bottle just yet, so I re-purposed it as a vase. My other vase (this one) is a bit greedy and demands a whopping great bouquet to do it justice. This bottle maybe rather elementary but it holds a modest bunch with such a likable straightforward grace. 

Green marble coaster by Broste Copenhagen

Mini Globall designed by Jasper Morrison for Flos + Pinecone from a park + Cork placemat from eBay.

I’ve since bought another 2 bottles of Cocio. I tell myself that I’ve fallen for the striking label with all its retro appeal. I wonder how true that is. Admittedly they do look nicer as a vases than say, a bottle of Frijj would. 

One bottle is presently holding some tinged carnations. In the Japanese version of the language of flowers, carnations symbolise love. The Victorian interpretation of carnations is more specific depending on the colour of the carnation and my striped blooms are seen as a refusal. A “sorry I cannot be with you, though I wish I could”. 

I think I might get a book on these floral secret messages. It could be fun/mischievous.