Hiro nearly never takes photos of me beside anything typically pretty. You know the sort of thing I mean – flowers, classical architecture etc. etc. etc. 

When asked why, he muttered something about being “pretty interesting”. So there you have it and, here I am stood against what I thought was duckweed but is (according to a warning sign) hazardous “suspected blue green algae”.



Outfit details: Quilted jumper from GAP | Skirt from COS | Slip-ons from Office | Watch from Swatch |

I wear a watch these days. I grew tired of checking the time on my phone so Hiro bought me a simple one from Swatch. I like it because it is unambiguous, light, clean looking, analogue, feels comfortable on my wrist and is also baby dribble and puke proof.

About the final photo. See that brown bag? It carried a couple of cookies that I bought at the Hackney Pearl. They make scrumptious cookies that are great for emergency snacking on our strolls. And yes, Hiro did indeed ask me to stand beside the discarded pallet.