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I’ve been making more friends and their sense of humour is as spiky as mine!

These dudes are my type of plants. They like it toasty and they don’t need much fussing over.  

“Kastehemli” side plate from Iitala

Repurposed candle glass from Cire Trudon

I spoke a lady in my local garden centre(Growing Concerns) who knows about such things and, she says that the best way to water cacti of this size is to put them into a shallow dish and add water to the dish. She said that the plants would drink it all up. I didn’t believe her. Thought she may have spent a few minutes too long in the greenhouse. More fool me! They do exactly what she said and I found myself having to top-up the dish after 15 minutes. Thirsty things! Be careful not to let them sit in the water for too long as this could cause root rot. Half an hour works for me and less in the winter. I water my cacti once a month, maybe more in the warmer months but only if their soil is dusty dry.

I’ve repurposed old candle glass from Cire Trudon and a sake cup as pots for my new friends. It just goes to show doesn’t it? That well made things – even if it is just the packaging will last and last. Cire Trudon use mouth-blown glass as vessels for their gorgeously scented candles making them far too nice to throw away or put in the recycling bin.

Places you can buy cacti in east or northeast London:

Columbia Flower Market, if you can handle the crowds and can wait till an opportune Sunday.

Botany on Chatsworth Road, Hackney

The Peanut Vendor, Gunmakers Lane, Bow

The N1 Garden Centre, Englefield, Islington