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It’s amazing who you will encounter on Instagram isn’t it? I’ve been extremely fortunate in coming across some avidly obsessed stationery addicts via my rather eclectic feed, one of whom I do an occasional stationery swap with. Last week was a swap week and, much to my delight a pretty little parcel with stickers, new masking tape and knock pens arrived. 

On the table top : Kokuyo Watercolour Design NotebookKastehelmi side plate by Iittala | Macaron Box from LadureeMasking Neon Seal Stickers by Q-LIA | Masking Tape from Nami-Nami (tapes in the box are from MT and Masté) | Manner Lemon Flavour Wafers | Limited Edition ‘Frixion Ball’ Knock Pens by Pilot | Trellick Tower Mug by People Will Always Need Plates | Lemon Cheesecake Rooibos Moomin Tea by Nordqvist |

I consider any day that I receive new stationery in the post as a good day. When new things arrive at our door, I like to spend a good few moments over tea and perhaps a sweet treat, staring at everything before proceeding to make space for the new items. 

I am a box hoarder. I love pretty little boxes. Macaron boxes are particularly useful for storing tapes and small stationery items.