| Streets | Shop Fronts

The stuff that makes up our high streets has masses of appeal to me. Away from regular tourist trails and so often taken for granted by those who tread these path each day, they hold real stories of the communities that they serve. Shop fronts have always piqued my visual interest. The fancy appearance of chain or more prominent shops certainly get my glances but it is these humble informal establishments that make me reach for my camera.

These shops fronts are as individual as the people who own them and that is part of my fascination with them. Their presentation in terms of the colours, typeface and even the upkeep all add to their appeal. I especially like hand painted signage and seeing old London phone numbers. 

Most notable of all the above is the G Kelly Pie & Mash Shop. If ever there is a shop that charts the tale of its locality then this is one such place! Family owned and family run, they’ve been making and shifting their pies from Roman Road since 1937 standing their ground even during WWII. Take a look at their website if you have a moment. It’s got loads of old pics and interesting history too.

P.S. I haven’t found the courage to sample their hot or jellied eels.