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These days more than ever, my life revolves around what I can do on my table top while the little boss-man naps. So, I thought it might be interesting to document the comings and goings of our humble surfaces over the next few months for the sake of my own curiosity. With any luck it may even turn out to be quite interesting.

Table top – 1

Table from Muji + 
Aalto Vase by Iittala from Skandium

Salvaged hydrangeas from a local florist

The Story of Mr Sommer by Patrick Suskind

I’ve rescued more flowers! This time they are hydrangeas of a perfect sky bluish hue. The generous blooms fill our vase nicely and it is not the easiest vase to arrange flowers in. Not sure why I like flowers these days. I think pregnancy must have messed with my head.

When The Story of Mr Sommer landed on my table, I was full of smiles. After searching for a sensibly priced copy of this out of print novel for years, I finally have a copy of my own. Patrick Suskind wrote the rather chilling Perfume. Have you read it? Or watched the film perhaps? This tale couldn’t be more different. I admire writers with a horizon of versatility at their command. Now I just need to find the time to read the book!