| Night Lights | Luminous Nightwalker

I remember the 1st time we embarked on a spot of night-walking. We took an autumn night by the nose and despite the chill stepped out with the camera, tripod and, if I remember rightly, a hip flask filled with rum. 

Since then I have accompanied Hiro on many night-walking adventures, (I do very little apart from stumble about mumbling and making silly remarks about lighting), each one memorable in their own way. 

These days our most frequently taken night walk expeditions happen in the Olympic Park. Gentrification and regeneration may have mucked-up a lot of east London vibes and although I had my doubts about this park during its construction, I am the first to admit that my preconceptions have since been chucked over the fence and possible run over by Usain Bolt. 

With 2015 over and done with with barely a mention anymore, it is good to see the park in use and actually adding good vibes to the nearby communities. By night, people enjoy a slower pace and stop to gaze at the lights. I haven’t experienced another part of London where locals seem to enjoy lighting design so honestly and openly. Couples enjoy the light dappled paths and children shriek their delight in the luminous fountains like crazy mini ravers while their parents and other adults watch on with a nibbling sense of envy.

If you haven’t yet taken a stroll in the Olympic Park at night, do! Do!

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