Memory is a strange and wonderful capacity isn’t it? I am particularly intrigued with how selective it seems to be in its workings and how senses are like magical keys with the power to unlock certain memories at will.

The other day, I woke before the earliest of worms for no apparent reason. I staggered into the kitchen and was met with a sort of mystical ethereal shimmering light floating through the window. Instead of rushing for a camera, I stood there transfixed and my memory drifted away with me and took me back to the Hozu River in Kyoto. I don’t think I had seen light dance in such a way before. It seems to flit across the escarpment in a guileless waltz.

The route that our boat took has been in and out of use since the Edo period (1603-1868). It begun as a cargo route for a few hundred years till rail and road took over the logistics of haulage. The boats were eventually brought back as man-powered tourist attractions which is what they are until today. A far nicer use of the river we think.

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