It didn’t take much effort to convince a friend in Tokyo to visit TeamLab’s latest installation to take some photos for us. Aside from these photos, our friend came back with high praise and admiration for TeamLab’s endeavour. Even though the installation takes up just a singular room, he found himself utterly spellbound and happy to while away at least an hour “playing with the stars”.

Entitled Crystal Universe, the installation immerses visitors into a cosmic wonderland of 60,000 dazzling LEDs that respond to the movement and can also be manipulated in real time via a smartphone. Seriously funky stuff!

If this is the first time that you are hearing of TeamLab, take note; they are a skilful bunch. Established in Japan, in 2001, they are a collective of professionals from a wide range of creative, scientific and technical disciplines. So, we are talking mathematicians, engineers, programmers, artists, CG animators and architects joining forces create one impressive project after another.

The installation is at the Pola Museum Annex, Ginza, Tokyo from August 21 -September 27.

Learn more about them and check out some of their other work HERE