|Photo Diary | London is our Rabbit Hole

When last I wore this dress to the office, my boss asked why I dressed like a piano. I cannot help but smile each time I remember that!

But I am not here to talk about my dress. I want to talk about London. This gritty, pretty and yes at times sh*tty city that we call home.

I have long believed that it is some kind of rabbit hole. The sort that Alice found herself tumbling down unstoppably. The deeper you delve in London, the curiouser and curiouser things become.

Dress from Marimekko + Backpack from Fjallraven + Sunglasses from Jeepers Peepers

When the canal was drained this scooter was exposed. Heavens know how it got there but the way it is trying to decompose is quite beautiful.

Away from the conventional sights people often associate with London are pockets of unexpected amazement. When the weather is on our side, the three of us venture out exploring and we continue to find and be surprised at what we encounter.

There are times when London feels very unlike London. The Three Mills Studios, certainly made us scratch our heads and think of more European destinations than the East-End. Turning the corner from here and the scenery shifts into the abrasive composition of London as a perpetual building site . Against this harshness, even the most unlikely detritus seems like art. Accidental, unplanned art.

There are moments of stillness and wavering verdure here too. Moments that slide into rigid concrete in seamless motions.