| Photo Diary | In Orbit

When it comes to dizzy sky-high views of London; east is not the automatic direction that people have turned to. Then, came the ArcelorMittal Orbit. A looming helter-skelter of a structure that prefers to be called a sculpture than a viewing tower.

The Orbit is a big red beast of a thing that interrupts the east London skyline with its exposed guts. 

The Orbit shows London from its nursery of current growth. Like a real life SimCity, stuff sprouts up and gets plonked here. Rapid development is rushing through the area with all the grace of a bull in a china shop.  From the Orbit you can see a fledgling part of London grow its bones and see beyond into the heart of the city and yonder.

People often do abseil down the Orbit’s flanks. However, we were more excited to hear that it would be living up to it’s roller coaster like image very soon. Plans to install a colossal slide are currently coming into play and we are looking forward to the day we can see people enjoy the sculpture in a different way. 

It costs £15 to get in but for the same price you can sign up for an annual pass which, is exactly what we did. Oddly and, much to our disappointment, the Orbit shuts up at 6pm! We shall have to wait till winter to take in the views during the dark.

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