| Photo Diary | Dead Lock

“Our world, like a charnel-house, is strewn with the detritus of dead epochs.” 
Le Corbusier.

The locks of east London have become a source of fascination for us. We walk aside them accompanying their murky passengers as canal turns into river. 

It’s the combination how the bridges make lines that cut across the fluidity of the water. The neglect, containment and stagnation against the perpetuity of the river. Then the colour palate of dirty muted shades that make these waterways a place of beauty for us. 

Not everyone will shares our taste. It is not a place that can be immediately appreciated as pleasing to the eye. The beauty of this place needs to be earned and learned and in turn it enriches our aesthetic horizons.

These photos were taken along the Lee Navigation in Bow Creek. We highly recommend this area for interesting walks.