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How fabulous must it be to be known as an ‘uromager’ by profession! A Danish word that has no direct one word English translation but, basically ‘uromager’ means maker of mischievous things that are always on the move. 

One of the gifts that I bought Hiro for his birthday this year was a mobile made by the renowned husband and wife mobile making team, Flensted. Far from being an item just for the nursery, mobiles add an imaginative, playful and beautiful dimension to a room.


The delicate balance and soft motion of our ‘shoal of fish’ is mesmerising, equally spellbinding for us are the dancing shadows that they cast at night.  Watching the fish glide in the air has  become a natural, calming part of our everyday. It has even caught the attention of our little man who seems thoroughly enthralled with the shoal.

“The mobile’s life is hanging by a thread,

But there is still life. You can prove it:

If one day you should think its heart is dead,

A friendly whispering will move it.”

Now back to the beginning, would it not be crazy cool to be able to write; “maker of mischievous things that are always on the move” as your occupation on any given form that asks? I think so. So much so that I feel inspired to give mobile making a go. 

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