| What I Wore | For My Balancing Act

I have a new boss these days. A new bwana mkubwa (big chief) as we say in Swahili. When he snoozes I try to nap but it rarely works and, instead I find myself itching to get to my sewing machine. It takes longer than ever to complete a sewing project but I don’t mind. Slow things are good things because we savour their making.

Trousers were handmade by me + T-Shirt is from Uniqlo + Scarf is from a street market in Zanzibar + Sandals are from Aspiga.

Most recently, I finished a pair of sarouel trousers for the summer. I wanted to make light, loose comfortable trousers with a good drape so linen was an immediate choice. However, linen is inclined to creasing so I went for a Brussels Washer from Robert Kaufman’s selection which is a soft, less crease stricken and drapey mix of 55% linen and 45% rayon. The pattern was adapted from a Japanese pattern book. The singular big pocket is made from a scrap of light denim that I found in my craft cupboard and the seams are bound with some French linen tape.

Comfort is a joy while I am performing life’s daily balancing act! I am pleased with how my trousers wear, they are unisex so Hiro wears them too. Actually, much to my annoyance they look better on him!