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Skirt from Reiss. Top from ASOS. Purse from Aspiga. Photo taken in Zakynthos.

Is there an element of vanity in blogging? Are we bloggers unintentional braggers, in a ‘look what I’ve got’ kind of way?

For my part at least, I would be saddened if I came across as either. Yet, maybe this is an involuntary reflex to being a blogger. Maybe it all comes down to how people read what what you put out there?

As much as I enjoy blogging, it is not a pursuit that is without some moments of discomfort that make me question myself – or is is the other way around? 

I think that as bloggers we give up so much of ourselves and I suppose we all seek some kind of something in return? Some acknowledgement/approval/respect/attention. Maybe it is through seeking this something that we come across less how we intend to? It’s all subjective I know and something we ultimately have no control over.

It is good to question ourselves at intervals. It keeps the feet on the ground and the air clear from bull shit.