| Life | The Little One

It’s been nearly 2 months since our little one came along and turned our world topsy-turvy.  

Like all new parents we are both battling with exhaustion yet, somehow our son seems to magically encourage us to dig deep and find energy that we never knew we had!

Photo taken by David Fine.
Clothes and soft toy from Polarn O Pyret 

He was just 2 days old when this photo was taken and though he had the ability to roar like a lion when hungry, he could barely fit into the tiny new clothes that his aunty bought him. Just a few weeks later, he’s nearly outgrown the clothes but grown into our lives so completely. 

Recently, we’ve embarked on our first few adventures together. Little ones within our locality. Slowly, step by step and day by day, we will go further and further and see more and more together as a family.