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We have so many shelves in our home. Shelves that are in a state of perpetual transformation according to the seasons or random reasons. As I am yet to compile the next set of submitted shelfies (apologies – I am working on it slowly), I thought I would indulge myself by delving into one of the many we have.

Shelves are  not only practical storage places for us, they also serve as little display compartments that bring little moments of pleasure. Pausing to take in the little scenes as we walk past is one of life’s tiny but welcome comforts.

This is our ‘old light bulb shelf’. It houses a curioius couple! An oversized lamp that Hiro bought at a modernist fair and a funny looking plant that I bought at the North One Garden Centre. The funny plant sits in a pink plant pot – perhaps the only pink home decor thing that we own. No idea why I decided on that over the blue! I must have been having one of my ‘moments’.