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That, my friends is how I feel time has flown by! Yesterday we marked 5 years since we said “I do” and signed some papers at Hackney Town Hall. 5 years….ALREADY! When I think about it, it only feels like yesterday. When I really really think about it and consider how much we’ve packed into those 5 years I start to feel little twinges of pride and gratitude that we are still sticking it out together and enjoying our time too.

This year we celebrate as three.

I blew up and hung up our ‘fugu family where they swim mid-air through waves of gentle breeze. 

These cute puffer fish are traditional Japanese paper balloons. Originally they would have been used as toys but perhaps these days they serve a more decorative purpose. Nothing wrong in hanging around looking cute!

They were made by a Japanese company who has been producing delicate and beautiful paper balloons for over 90 years.