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Polaroid’s Zip Photoprinter makes my photo junky habits a happier addiction as it enables me to print my pics both inklessly and wirelessly via Bluetooth in a speedy easy jiffy. 

My first encounter with Polaroid’s portable photo printers was with the Pogo that I blogged about three years ago HERE. Though I loved the Pogo, it was cumbersome to use. Polaroid and Apple were not pals back then so I had to send photos from one device to another before I could print anything. Its battery life was poor and because I had it so long – its magical printing powers were dwindling!

Compared to the Pogo, the Zip is a sleeker, shinier mini beast in appearance.  It’s decked out in plastic instead of metal which makes it lighter and easier to keep clean. Not sure how it will deal with taking the inevitable knocks that occur on adventures. Fingers crossed that it won’t let me down.

The Zip prints faster and the battery life has been improved.It prints via free app which can be described as basic at best but it does the job and allows for simple tweaking. However, the app does have a collage function that is pretty ace in my opinion as it allows you to get more pics from a pack of photo paper.

The Zip and the Pogo use different types of Polaroid’s Zink Photo Paper. Whilst both papers are glossy, and follow the same dimensions of 2 x 3 inches, the Pogo paper is slightly lower quality (hence why it is cheaper) and the shiny new Zip won’t readily accept it.However, there is a way around that!


Actually there are 2 little sneaky tricks that you can use: 

-Keep the blue sheet with the barcode that needs to run through the printer with each newly loaded pack of paper and replace the one from a Pogo pack with this each time to reload.

-Keep topping up the paper with Pogo photo paper before reaching the last sheet.

Top : Polaroid Zip on Pogo Photo Paper. Bottom: Polaroid Pogo on Pogo Photo Paper. Photo was taken on Canon 6D.

In terms of photo print quality, the Zip does come up trumps but at a cost and it works best with the upgraded paper. The Pogo happily prints slowly and with less definition. The Zip spurts out the pics speedily but as shown above it will betray your filter-happy tweaks – so it’s best to keep these to a minimum. 

Of course the printer is not limited to printing photos taken on a smart phone. The above photo was taken with a high spec DSLR. Bear in mind that the printers will modify the high res images so it can print them and this will affect the quality of the photo.

By the way! Did I mention that this is an inkless printer? ‘Zink’ means ‘zero ink’ and is the clever bit of instant photo technology that Polaroid apply to their printers. Polaroid have done away with ink cartridges and instead each pack of Photo Paper is embedded with heat activated colour crystals that react in the printing process magically making a photo. Cool shizzle no?

I use my photos in my journal, my recipe book, as an aide memoir for my sewing projects and in letters and cards too. They never fail to bring a smile to my face and I am sure that when I look back on my notes in years to come, I will smile all over again.