Instagram in its purest form allows a person to display the photos that they have taken so that they can reach out and connect with others across the globe. These days, Instagram has begun to veer away from the purity of personal photography that I enjoy so much and has begun to  morph into a regurgitation machine like Pinterest!

That said, there are still many many people sticking to their shooting guns and reaching out through their skills, minimal editing and soulful eyes to touch hearts like mine. Kawahara Kazuyuki is one such Instagrammer.

He has extraordinary skill and has moved me so deeply at times that I have found myself in tears. Happy tears and heartbreaking sad tears too.

In his own words; “In Toyama,Japan/ My camera is Hasselblad 500CM/ The hero of my photos are my grandparents.They teach me about life just by standing before my camera.”

Through his account, I have watched his grandfather pass away, his grandmother continue their story alone and his daughter grow. There is so much beauty that surpasses mere words here. There is also a gentle but powerful profundity that outweighs any way that I have to try and convey my respect for what he has managed to achieve. 

Follow him on  HERE Instagram. You will not regret it. I know that if I could only follow one person on Instagram, it would be Kazuyuki.